Nurses’ Manifesto


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Nurses’ Manifesto for the Nursing profession.

A nurses’ manifesto is born …

In 2003 I attended a Breakfast Seminar at Liverpool Hospital in Sydney.  During the presentation a question was asked about “horizontal violence”.  I remember recoiling with distaste and boredom at hearing this same old, same old eternal phrase that is commonly used to conceptualise how the nursing workforce functions at its worst.  I remember thinking, if we focus on how we disrespect each other, we will disrespect each other….  A Nurses’ Manifesto

I wondered how Nurses might otherwise view their world if they used an antonym for “horizontal violence”.  The antonym I came up with that morn was “horizontal nurturing” and I became excited and noticed how my physiology differed in response to hearing both “horizontal violence” and “horizontal nurturing”.  These words are so similar yet they triggered incredibly different mindsets for me.

As a result, I have develop a “Nurses’ Manifesto” which is my public declaration of what I believe a Nursing mindset can be, and I offer it to all Nurses to focus and act on the statements within it.

Would you like us to craft your very own manifesto?