Transformational Workshops


Practice Development Solutions provides uniquely designed education, training and skill development workshops for Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACFs).  Many residents in RACFs have a degree of cognitive impairment and when delirium, depression and / or further cognitive decline is present, residents’ behaviour may change significantly, posing care planning and management challenges beyond the existing capacity of the clinicians.  Sometimes these changes are reversible, and sometimes they are irreversible.  Understanding the cause and presentation of behaviour changes is extremely complex and often perplexing to RACF clinicians. 

Individual workshops developed by Practice Development Solutions optimise opportunities for RACFs to build clinical capacity with their existing workforce and are created with the following three dimensions:



Individual and Unique Evidence Based Workshops are created for the RACF workforce in your organisation.  A Workforce Skills Needs Assessment is conducted after an initial interview with the Nursing Executive.  As this data is analysed it then becomes the foundation for each individual workshop.


Evidence Based Workshops, inclusive of Presentation of Theory and Skill Development are delivered onsite.  Each workshop may also include case discussions and reviews of individual residents within your organisation. This enables and ensures your clinicians determine a coordinated and person centred way forward to deliver the highest quality care possible.  Bound workbooks are provided for all Workshop Participants.

  • DATA

Pre and Post Knowledge Surveys are conducted prior to and after each workshop, then at three months, and again at six months post workshop.  A final comprehensive Workshop Outcome Report is provided as a bound document for your organisation to use as evidence for accreditation.



  • coordinated and systemic approach to critical analysis and clinical judgement on clinical teams through an introduction of structured thought patterns to clinicians
  • improved communication within your workforce
  • reduced stress levels amongst your residents and workforce
  • increased personalised and non-pharmacological management of health issues amongst the client group



A list of current modules and modules being developed can be found here.


Moira Maraun, RN and Nurse Consultant, has over 40 years’ nursing experience and significant postgraduate qualifications and experience in the  designing, delivering and collateing data from education, training and skill development workshops.  For details of Moira’s professional resume, please go to:
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Moira has a long work history of providing innovative and stimulating workshops.  She has developed mastery with leading clinical discussions that motivate and inspire teams of clinicians to create a realistic consensus and best practice care plan for residents.  Testimonials from Nurse Executives and Workshop Participants are available upon request.