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International Nurses Day 2016
Work environment
Organisations can support resilience by ensuring a positive practice environment (PPE) that offers a safe
and healthy workplace, opportunities for continuing education and professional development, access to
necessary equipment and supplies, appropriate workloads and attractive working conditions (WHPA
2008) ).

Organisational culture to support effective team work, such as open communication, transparency, support, supervision and mentorship, are other elements of PPEs. Recruitment and retention can affect health systems’ resilience.

Flexible job design is an important element of efforts to recruit and retain skilled employees and to improve the deployment of available nursing skills (ICN 2012b). Benefits to flexible work practices, where nurses have influence or control, include improved health and well-being, improved job satisfaction and organisational commitment and reductions in organisational staffing concerns, such as absenteeism and turnover. Choice is the critical link between flexible work practices and better outcomes and nurses’ involvement in staffing and
scheduling decisions can make the difference between success and failure (ICN 2012b).

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Stuck In The Middle.

I was never one for early mornings, and to this extent I simply don’t know how I have survived thirty years of nursing. Having stared into the face of the dawn of day through the prisms of morning and night shifts, I am familiar with the gravity from the beckoning of a bed to a sleep deprived nurse.

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