Code of Practice: Education and Training



This Code of Practice affirms Practice Development Solution’s (P.D.S.) commitment to the delivery of high quality, competency based education for various specialised fields of practice.

P.D.S. will ensure that all courses delivered:

  •       meet student & industry needs
  •       are delivered in a quality assured manner
  •       provide support to promote & foster personal & professional development
  •       safeguard the interests & welfare of all participants
  •       conducive to the success of students
  •       comply with course design standards & guidelines established by peer institutes of higher education, professional bodies & peak industry associations

Delivery of training and assessment services
P.D.S. maintains a safe & equitable learning environment which is supportive, participative & conducive to the success of all participants.

P.D.S. ensures facilitators are competent & suitably qualified & experienced, with appropriate information, training & resources for the training and assessment activities they undertake.

P.D.S. staff are aware of their role & responsibilities & will behave in an ethical, responsible & confidential manner at all times.

Access and equity principles
We offer non-discriminatory access to services & provide timely & appropriate information, advice & support to assist all participants achieve their learning outcomes.

We are committed to supporting participants with cultural, special or individual learning needs by providing assistance as required including alternative learning & assessment strategies

P.D.S. will ensure that it:

  • undertakes all assessments in accordance with the relevant authorities requirements
  • make competency based assessments available to participants
  • use appropriate assessment tools to assess specific competencies

Complaints and appeals
P.D.S. recognises there may be reason for some dissatisfaction & welcome feedback as an opportunity to review and improve our practices.

P.D.S. will deal with complaints constructively, transparently & promptly in an unbiased manner, maintaining written records and its outcomes.

Continuous improvement
P.D.S. is committed to continuous improvement of our products & systems, by:

  • participating in national & state-based moderation & validation of training delivery & assessment methodology
  • conduct internal audit/self-assessment
  • collection & analysis of feedback from participants & staff
  • encourage or provide professional development activities for all staff

Disciplinary policy
P.D.S. reserves the right to terminate the training and/or assessment of any participant is found guilty of academic misconduct or disruptive behaviour.

Fees and charges

P.D.S. requires all participant fees to be paid in advance. Cancellations and refunds as per our Refund Policy

Harassment and bullying
P.D.S. is committed to providing a work & study environment free that does not tolerate any form of from harassment, discrimination & bullying.

Staff & participants of P.D.S. activities are required to adhere to a standard of conduct that is respectful of all persons.

Induction – participants and facilitators
P.D.S. is committed to ensuring that all staff & participants are provided with an effective induction program, designed to provide the knowledge, information, tools and resources to successfully complete their training & assessment.

P.D.S. maintains current and adequate insurance cover.

Language, literacy and numeracy assessment
P.D.S. recognises that all vocational training includes language, literacy & numeracy tasks & will provide materials, resources & assessment tasks that are comparable to those required in the workplace for the competencies being assessed.

Legislative requirements
P.D.S. will ensure our training policies & procedures comply with all relevant legislation & regulatory requirements.

Marketing of training and assessment services
P.D.S. is committed to:

  • accurately representing our training, products & services in an ethical manner
  • using a Recognition Authority’s Logo only in accordance with the recognition authority’s conditions of use.
  • P.D.S. gains written permission from a student or client before using information about that individual or organisation in any marketing materials.

Occupational health and safety
Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act P.D.S. has a responsibility to ensure the health & safety of staff & participants working or studying with P.D.S..

Staff & participants have a legal duty to protect their own health & safety & avoid adversely affecting the safety of others.

P.D.S. recognises its obligations to take all reasonable precautions to protect the health &

safety of its employees & clients.

Plagiarism and Copyright
The Oxford Dictionary defines Plagiarism as ‘the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own’

P.D.S. will take action against participants who plagiarise work and submit it as their own.

All materials provided by us are Copyright to Practice Development Solutions and all rights are reserved.

Due to the nature of the copyright laws, the internet and the constant flow of information over the internet, we may have unintentionally violated copyright, restrictions or rights held by another person or entity. If you notice any such violation, please contact us so we may quickly rectify the situation.

Privacy policy
P.D.S. is bound by the Privacy Act 1988. This policy statement affirms our commitment to comply with those Principles

P.D.S. is committed to ensuring that:

  • confidential information obtained by P.D.S. is treated in a manner which protects the privacy of our participant & our employees & contractors
  • a participants information will not disclosed to any third party without the written consent of the participant.
  • P.D.S. respects the participant’s rights to confidentiality and contact is voluntary.

Provision of information
P.D.S. will ensure all participants have access to our policies, procedures & processes, also their rights & responsibilities. This information will be available on our website:

Record management
P.D.S. is committed to ensuring:

  • accurate maintenance of personal details, enrolment records and participant  training & assessment activities
  • compliance with the external reporting requirements of any relevant authorities
  • secure creation, retention, retrieval, archiving, back-up and storage of paper-based and electronic records

Refund and cancellation policy
P.D.S. has a refund, transfer and cancellation policy that is fair and equitable. Our full Refund Policy is available on our website.

Participants may appeal under special circumstances. Appeals must be in writing and contain full documentation supporting the claim.

Resources and facilities
P.D.S. will provide adequate staff, facilities, equipment, training and assessment resources required to provide the training and/or assessment services within its scope of registration and scale of operation.

Staff and participant feedback and evaluation
Staff and participant feedback is gathered formally and informally and is used to evaluate course delivery and assessment. Participant survey/evaluation are conducted regularly and results are collated and used in the continuous improvement of training and assessment services.


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